January 2015- Natura @ Lura, Lura, Upper West Side, New York City, NY

Solo art show featuring a range of the past two years of work, featuring flora and fauna


November 2014- Art for Education at Appleseed Workshop, Upper West side, New York City, NY

Artists and photographers in a fundraising art collective to support affordable educational assistance for kids from all over the city.


May 2014 - QAS at Webster Hall (featured artist) Webster Hall, New York City, NY

Invited to participate in another Quarterly Art soiree at Webster Hall, displaying new works, main abstract, and including one portrait.


December 2013- QAS at Webster Hall (Featured artist) Webster Hall, New York City, NY

A collection of works varying from self portraits to abstract, both monochromatic and colorful pieces. 


August 2013- "Inside" A series of nature and humanity. Ding Dong Lounge, New York City, NY

Paintings on salvaged canvases, many representative of the human condition and human figure.


November 2012 - "Calamity Jane" (A series of portraits) Lura Restaurant, New York City, NY

A solo show of a series of portraits, some self, some other. Taken from her amateur photography collection, and some pieces from her imagination. Many of the pieces were painted on recycled material, canvases she gesso'd over and reused. The show is titled after a piece that was given a nickname in it's photograph form.


March 2012- "elav laip" (The Lively Corpse) Sasa's Lounge, New York City, NY

Her first solo show featuring colorful designs and seemingly dark concepts, this show featured works on recycled materials, and incorporated concepts from her writings and poetry. Titled after a piece that inspired several others, called "Elav Laip" or "The Lively Corpse" 


June 2011- "The Jinx Art show" The Ding Dong Lounge, New York City, NY

A collaborative show with several other artists, the cohesive theme being New Yorkers, and the namesake of the show was letters taken from the names of the artists. the "X" represented Christie, her idea after pulling from the word Christ, or Christmas (the prefix in her name) and how some call it X-Mas. It worked better than the Jinc art show, and it stuck. The pieces chosen were all quite different, experimenting always with nature and the human figure.

Events/ Shows

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